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In principal, the fukushima GAP Challenge website is open to links.
If you link this site, please inform us this contact form and perpose of the link.

We accept no responsibility for the content of pages linking to the Fukushima GAP Challenge website.
Furthermore, we do not permit the creation of links from websites (including SNSs, blogs, etc.) that come under the categories shown below.
If we determine that a link is inappropriate, we may request its removal.

  • Websites that are offensive to public decency
  • Websites that contain illegal material
  • Websites that contain material that violates a third party's copyright, intellectual property, privacy and/or other rights
  • Other illegal websites
  • Websites that slander third parties
  • Websites that violate the Public Offices Election Act or that could be considered to be preelection campaigns, election campaigns, or similar activities
  • Other websites that are determined by the prefectural government to be inappropriate

Using Banner Images

  • Please download and use the images below when creating banner links.
  • Please link to the Fukushima GAP Challenge home page.(
  • Please do not process or alter the images.

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